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Commercial solar panels are becoming more popular across Yuma, Arizona. Many businesses and commercial buildings now have solar panel systems to save money on electricity and be more environmentally friendly. Does this sound like what you’re trying to accomplish at your business too?

commercial solar cleaning
commercial solar panel cleaning yuma

When you make an expensive one-time investment to purchase a solar panel system for your business, you must think about the long-term maintenance and cleaning required. Since commercial solar panels spend all day and night outside, they tend to get impacted by dirt, grime, debris, and wildlife. These obstructive environmental elements can cause your solar panels to absorb less solar energy and decrease the power output for your commercial building.

For this reason, you need a professional solar panel maintenance and cleaning company to maintain your commercial solar panels. Renewed Solar Panel Cleaning can use our advanced solar panel cleaning methods to increase solar energy efficiency and output by as much as 20%. Think about how much energy and money you could save each month. All it takes is for you to make a small periodic investment in cleaning and maintenance services on an annual, bi-annual, or tri-annual basis.

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Professional Cleaning Services

Don’t rely on the rain or a bucket of water to clean the glass of your solar panel system. Since Yuma is known for its dust-filled winds, it won’t take long for tiny dust particles and debris to find their way onto your solar panels. Particles and grime are tough to remove from solar panel glass using ordinary water and household cleaning products. If you attempt to clean the glass yourself with these products, your solar panels could be left with spots and streaks all over them. Then your solar panel energy efficiency will be worse instead of better.

Renewed Solar Panel Cleaning offers professional cleaning services which ensure that no spots or streaks will be left behind on the glass. We use pure reverse osmosis deionized water to clean the glass, which is some of the purest water in the world. As a result, there won’t be any traces of hard water minerals or calcium deposits left on the surface.


Inspections are another part of our commercial solar panel maintenance services. In addition to the cleaning, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of all the critical areas of your solar panel system. Our technicians will look for signs of damage, such as cracks in the solar panel glass and damaged electrical wiring. If we see any damage or potential hazards, we will notify you immediately.

An inspection every four months will ensure that your commercial solar panel system stays working fine. If no protective barriers guard your system, we may recommend that you install one. We also provide this service if you are interested in getting additional protection for your system.

What We Do:

Large scale ground mounted solar farms

Parking garage arrays
Commercial buildings (roof mounted)

Shade structures

Hospital car ports

And more…

What we can provide for each Commercial project:

“Our office building has a huge solar array in the parking lot. We had been using another company to maintain the panels, cleaning them and making sure the wiring was okay. Then they went out of business and didn’t tell us! Fortunately one of my friends recommended Renewed Solar, knowing I was frantically trying to find a reliable well-established company. I’m so grateful for this referral! I’m seriously impressed with their work and dedication — and their employees really know their stuff!”

Robert M.


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